Geslaagde open dag!!

Afgelopen zaterdag heeft Everest in samenwerking met Hollandia haar deuren geopend voor geïnteresseerden om een kijkje achter de schermen te nemen. Wij kunnen met trots melden dat er wel 70 mensen zijn op bezoek zijn geweest ! Wij kijken dan ook trots terug op deze dag. Heeft u het gemist? Geen probleem, volgend jaar openen wij onze deuren wederom. Mocht u verder interesse hebben in onze activiteiten, neem dan even contact met ons op. Read more


On Tuesday the 12 of June 2018, we were surprised by our client BASF-Antwerp: For the second time the hard work of the Everest organisation, with regards to Safety, was rewarded with the SPI- Safety Award! We received the safety award for the first time in 2016. (for the year 2015). We were very happy to receive the award for our way of working. But to receive this award for the second time (for our work in 2017), makes us very proud! Read more

70 St Mary Axe

Curves, uninterrupted floorplans and a Thunderbirds-style roof are helping TH Real Estate’s 70 St Mary Axe stand out in the battle of the skyscrapers. Everest is proud to have supplied the site management for this job! Project: 70 St Mary Axe Client: TH Real Estate Main contractor: Mace Steelwork subcontractor: VBH Read more

Desired behaviour rules 2018

Following the analysis of the (near) accident / MOS reports of the past year, we will pay extra attention in 2018 to following desired behaviour rules. This is to prevent accidents and improve our safety awareness! Read more

Final result Station Holmestrand

Our hard work has paid of. The result: A beautiful roof structure at station Holmestrand. The mountain wall in the tunnel has been completely decorated by a strong steel construction with aluminum cladding. It was an exceptional operation for all parties involved. A similar structure had never been installed inside a mountain. An excellent performance between Everest, Hollandia Structures and Nedicom. Read more


On Thursday, June 16th, 2016, Everest organization was rewarded by client BASF-Antwerp with the SPI-Safety Award 2015. We see this award as a recognition for our proactive approach to increase safety in 2015. We are very proud on our team and it confirms our chosen way of increasing safety awareness within our company! Read more

Project update on the progress of the Southampton Cinema Complex: Phase 2

The second half of the 1500 ton steel construction has now been erected. In order to temporarily distribute the weight, jacks were installed at 15 points. After the entire construction is assembled and stable, we can lower the construction. That is the moment that we ensure that construction is handling the pull and pressure loads in the right way. The completion of the work is now approaching, marking the milestone of completing an exceptional self-supporting steel structure for Hollandia Structures and Sir Rob... Read more