Reaching the top together

Industrial installations and steel constructions for infrastructure are becoming increasingly advanced, which increases the size and complexity of the structures. The financial stakes are high, demanding construction work to take place in the shortest possible time, so the consequences for commercial activities are reduced to the minimum.

These projects call for a reliable partner, who is innovative in finding solutions to work around these challenges. A partner who is involved in the development process during the engineering phase and who takes care of the assembly work.

We are Everest Industrial Installation. Together with our clients we push the boundaries in erecting steel constructions.

All-round, safe and fast

Over the years, we became leading experts in the all-round assembly of large and complex steel structures. Under the most challenging conditions we come up with time-saving and cost-effective solutions for assembly planning, engineering and logistics. Regardless of the circumstances, we ensure that the work is done fast, safe and precisely.

Our team has the skills and expertise to take responsibility for the assembly / erection and all the operations on the construction site. In addition to coordinating and executing the assembly work, we take care of logistics and transportation of all the parts of the steel structure. Together with our partners, we provide the most suitable equipment: mobile cranes, floating cranes, telescopic handlers, MEWP’s  and heavy trucks.  

Petrochemical and Power plants

Because our erection organization is familiar with the many specific safety requirements of (petro) chemical installations and power plants, we are able to assemble the most complex steel structures for crackers, machinery, control boards and pipe bridges. If desired we can take care of roofing and cladding, installing doors, windows and further construction finishes. In addition, we assemble and mount onshore modules such as PAUs and PARs for LNG terminals.


Our assembly organization is familiar with various offshore works. The safety requirements for dismantling and installing offshore modules are very specific and different compared to the petrochemical industry. That is why we trained and certified our employees specifically to carry out offshore installation work. The activities range from the assembly of steel structures for offshore equipment, control boards and pipe bridges to the installation of facade panels, doors and windows.


Not only erecting solid steel structures is part of our scope, but also installing infrastructural steelworks are, such as movable bridges, locks and storm surge barriers. Even the most complex constructions can be assembled and installed by our experts. We take care of the entire installation project, including all separate components of the bridges.